DrConnect remedies online health questions

About one in 20 of the more than a billion people doing internet searches on health and wellness are looking for answers on health-related concerns. Unfortunately, these searches yield the correct answer less than 34% of the time.


Health library

Discovery Health has partnered HealthTap Inc. in Palo Alto, to provide Discovery DrConnect, a tool giving the scheme’s members, and all other schemes managed by the Discovery Health Medical Scheme, access to an extensive library of doctor created and peer-reviewed healthcare content, to help them get reliable medical advice.

The library is a credible source of online medical information, including doctor-created personalised tips and checklists to help members meet their health goals. It works with more than 105,000 doctors who answer questions from millions of patients across 174 countries, generating an extensive library, which grows daily, and will continue to grow as medical scheme members and their doctors start engaging.


Virtual consultations

It also allows members to conduct virtual consultations with their existing doctor. “Discovery DrConnect will significantly enhance the functionality of Discovery HealthID, the scheme’s health record application, currently used daily in more than 2,000 doctors’ practices. Doctors can capture their own clinical notes, as well as communicate easily in a confidential, secure and discreet environment, with colleagues and patients via the platform.

“We are extremely excited about this technology as it also integrates into the clinical case management systems, facilitating personalised care pathways to optimise the management of members with specific chronic conditions and mothers and babies during and after pregnancy,” Dr Jonathan Broomberg, CEO of Discovery Health, says.

Discovery DrConnect functionality is now available through the Discovery app and website.


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