About Us

Code Medix is a specialized Clinical Coding and Consulting company based in the Western Cape (Cape Town) and is owned by Frans Vorster.  We offer a diverse range of coding products and services to all Health Care Stakeholders in South Africa (targeted individuals, groups and organizations).  This service includes Clinical Coding Training, Clinical Coding Auditing, Consulting Services and Risk Management in Health Care.

Established as a training company in 2006, Code Medix is currently one of only two External Clinical Coding Companies in South Africa and it is made up of one of the current small pool of coding trainers in the country.

Since inception, Code Medix has expanded through a relative niche market with a combination of substantial organic growth and strategic decision making.  Today Code Medix has an efficient, integrated business platform offering a range of services and products in South Africa.

Substantial market research indicates that clinical coding training, auditing and consulting, and the positioning of Clinical Coding as a career, is a need in South Africa.  Code Medix helps to address this need by actively assisting and designing Clinical Coding training standards and working with the  Private Healthcare Information Standards Committee (PHISC) in the absence of a Ministerial Task Team.

Code Medix has a vision to gain a reputation for offering quality courses and auditing services that provide value and sustainable usefulness long after the completion of training.  It is our belief that by providing professional information on coding, we are able to support the healthcare profession and assist in supporting the National Skills Development Strategy as well as the National Health Insurance (NHI), by being able to develop and improve people to be equipped with coding skills.

Code Medix possess the knowledge and skills that are required by the S.A. Healthcare Industry and Medical Insurance Industry to assist with quality roll out and implementation of Clinical Coding systems and standards, hence ensuring a high standard and quality of Clinical Coding information to the Industry.  Code Medix differentiates itself from its competitors by providing superior service and value for money and the development of high quality training manuals and workbooks that serve as training aids and support.  In addition to contact and e-Learning training, clinical coding auditing or consultation, Code Medix also provides after training support either face to face or via efficient communication channels including our e-Learning platform (Moodle) and MS Teams.  Code Medix customises training to suite the needs of individual companies or groups of individuals with specific requirements.

Our Mission

To provide the highest standard of professional coding, superior service and value for money in the development and delivery of high quality Clinical Coding training, auditing and support in South Africa through the application of our entrepreneurial culture and our strong coding knowledge and skills.

Our motto is to provide superior service to our customers.


  • We empower people in clinical coding
  • We thrive on an innovative spirit and complexities
  • We respect our clients, their culture, values and their beliefs
  • We pursue excellence through continuing education

Business Goals and Objectives

Our strategic goals and objectives are based on an inspiration to be recognized as a specialist medical coding company.  This distinction is embodied in our entrepreneurial culture which is balanced by our strong coding knowledge and skills, understanding of the private and public health sectors and our ability to be flexible, innovative and client centric.

Ethical Business Practice

  • Contributing to a National Unified Health System in line with Governments policy on the transformation of the Health System in South Africa
  • Compliance to the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) standards
  • To provide Quality Clinical Coding courses that has value and relevance to the customer
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Grow and develop market share
  • Good financial performance
  • Social responsibility i.e. developing people and creating employment opportunities
  • Clinical Coding Training leadership nationally and internationally
  • Technological leadership nationally and internationally

Business Philosophy

  • Service Excellence
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Relevance
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Attention to detail
  • Innovation
  • Nation building

What can we offer your company?

  • ICD-10 Coding
  • ICD-10 Auditing
  • ICD-10 Training

ICD-10 Coding

  • Code Medix provide onsite specialist coders to either source information from patient files for coding or provide ICD-10 codes based on information provided by the service provider.  We have experience in Private Hospital, Provincial Hospital, Service Provider and Medical Aid (local, national and internationally) coding where they outsource their coding to Code Medix.

ICD-10 Auditing

  • Code Medix does comprehensive onsite and offsite auditing of accounts and provide detailed information with regard to training requirements.

ICD-10  and Other Training

  • Code Medix provide onsite specialist trainers.  See Courses page for course details.

Current Clients

  • Healthcare Administrators in South Africa (Local and Nationaly)
  • Healthcare Administrators Internationally
  • Several doctors and other auxiliary services
  • Independent Medical Aids