SA needs to rethink its healthcare model

In South Africa, the healthcare expenditure as part of gross domestic product is 8.5%, which is quite a way below the World Health Organisation’s global average of 9.95%. Healthcare services in this country are fractured, split between public and private with the latter still only
providing care for a tiny percentage of the population while accounting for a staggering 52% of healthcare expenditure.

It is into these limitations around healthcare budgets and resources that the value-based care model (VBC) steps, providing an alternative stance on medical care, the patient and costs.


New lymphoedema surgery provides relief to cancer patients

Stephanus van Wyk with Dr Conrad Pienaar

A vascularised lymph node transfer, a microvascular procedure created to treat lymphoedema, has been performed at Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital, Cape Town. It is believed to be the first procedure of its kind in South Africa.

“Lymphoedema is a painful condition that may develop when cancer blocks lymph nodes or lymph vessels, or alternatively when cancer treatment such as surgery or radiotherapy removes lymph nodes or damages part of the lymphatic system. It develops when lymph fluid isn’t able to drain in the normal way and is collected in an area of the body, causing severe swelling”, explains Dr Conrad Pienaar, specialist plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital.   Continue reading ….